Trekking In India

Trekking In India

India has an amalgamation of well-endowed and diverse topographical features, some of which are the highest peaks, best trekking trails, dense forests and water bodies. This indeed makes our country a destination for adventure tourism.

While we all have our own preferences for an Indian holiday, for the adventurous traveler among you, India is a wonderland. Exercise has always been one of the best ways to relieve stress. But the thrill and exercise through trekking takes it to new heights. Don’t be alarmed by this word; Trekking is a great experience for people of all ages!

There are many places for rock climbing in India. Northern India offers maximum options for this but there are many places available for climbing in other parts of India as well.

Trekking in North India

Due to the maximum number of hills in northern India, there are many facilities for rock climbing for professional and amateur tourists. Himachal Pradesh and Uttaranchal top the list for comfortable and enjoyable adventures amidst nature.

The treks here are among the most popular, though all of them are in the middle of the Valley of Flowers, a famous World Heritage Site. These tracks are surrounded by dense hills, alpine flowers and are also home to rare species like the snow leopard! Meanwhile, adventure enthusiasts can also visit the famous Chadar Track across the frozen river in Zanskar, Jammu and Kashmir.

If you want to see the Land of Thunder Dragon, pack your bags to trek the gorgeous Druk Path. This is the best way to get a true sense of Bhutan, these tracks are very easy! One can enjoy nature amidst forests, high peaks and lush green fields.

Himalayan rocks are most popular among climbers. Hence, the state of Himachal Pradesh has many rock climbing areas in Manali, Kufri, Bharmour, Dharamshala, Narkand and Jispa which are perhaps the most difficult such areas.

There are many trekking places in the country’s capital Delhi as well. Delhi has Lado Sarai at a place called Dhauj (on the outskirts of the main city). Dam Dama Lake is one of the most famous rock climbing destinations in India. Gangotri is another natural rock climbing site in the Garhwal Himalayan region of Uttaranchal state which is full of difficulties and risks. But the risk that is part of an adventure is what really draws enthusiasts to it.

Trekking in Eastern India

There are many places for trekking in the eastern regions of India as well. Several areas offer great rock climbing trips, including Darjeeling and Sikkim. Apart from the northern part of Bengal, there are many other places for climbers to go rock climbing. Purulia, Susunia, Jai Chandi, Mathabura etc. The place is very popular among expert and novice rock climbers as the area is full of natural rocks and hills where rock climbing can be enjoyed.

Trekking in sikkim

Sikkim offers some of the best places for true trekking enthusiasts. Given below are the best trekking destinations in this hill state of eastern India:

1. Gotcha La Trek

Gocha La trek is undoubtedly the most famous trekking destination in Sikkim. This trek offers the most spectacular view of Mount Kanchenjunga. The Gocha La Trek is an extended version of another popular trek, the Zorzi Trek. The amazing routes through the Zorzi Grass reflect the boundless beauty of the Himalayan range in this region. The climb here takes about 8-9 days to finish.

2. Dzongri Trek

Yuksom Dzongri Trek is the second most popular high altitude short trekking destination in the state of Sikkim. This trek actually leads to the other famous point of Gocha La and is considered a shorter version of the longer trek. The Dzongri trek starts from Yuksom and it takes about four to five days to complete the trek.

The breath-taking views of Pandim and Kangchenjunga are perfect for mountaineers. Once you reach Phadang, the route becomes more dangerous. The trekking altitude here is 4020 meters and the journey takes five to nine days due to some unavoidable weather conditions. The best time to visit Zorzi is from March to June and from August to November.

3. North Sikkim High Altitude Trek

The best and most intense trekking trek in Sikkim is the North Sikkim High Altitude Trek undertaken by highly trained professional mountaineers. They are also strongly advised against trekking here. Because it is a place for professional climbers.

Which requires professional expertise. The average altitude of the trekking trail is around 4340 meters and it generally takes 15-17 days under normal weather conditions. The months of May to November are considered the best time to visit.

4. Yuksum Gocha La Trek

One of the more adventurous trekking destinations in North Sikkim is the Yuksum Gocha La trek. Tholang trek is an extremely popular trekking spot which starts from Bagdogra area and ends at Linghe. This beautiful trail with an average height of 2400 meters, a stunning valley full of greeneryThere is an enclosed area between. This dazzling ring is with Pee Chi. It takes about nine days to cover the Tholagam trek.

5. Versa Trek

One of the popular soft treks in Sikkim is the Vasari trek which is located on the border of India and Nepal. It offers a beautiful hilly terrain with exotic rhododendrons. One of the interesting facts about this trekking trip is the availability of camping facilities to go to the top. Nature lovers also have the option of watching for a good range of birds. The average altitude of this route is above 3000 meters and the trek takes nine to ten days to complete. The best time to go for treks in Varese is from December to March.

6. Sikkim- Darjeeling- Kanchenjunga Trek

Sikkim- Darjeeling- Kanchenjunga trek is one of the popular high altitude long trekking tours. This includes the long trail of the Eastern Himalayan range. This trek offers Gochala and Sandakphu trek as one. Only the lucky mountaineer gets the rare chance to see the highest mountain.

Everest and Kanchenjunga peaks are visible together in a single frame from Sandakphu. Here the main trekking starts from Darjeeling. It usually takes 14-15 days to complete this entire journey.

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