Bad trumpadjacent delights seth meyers

Bad trumpadjacent delights seth meyers

Bad trumpadjacent delights seth meyers is a comedian and television host who has been a prominent figure in American entertainment for over a decade. He is best known for his work on Saturday Night Live and as the host of Late Night with Seth Meyers. However, in recent years, Meyers has gained attention for his political commentary and his criticism of the Trump administration.

Meyers’ political commentary has been a defining feature of his late-night show. He has been vocal in his criticism of President Trump and his policies, often using his platform to call attention to issues such as immigration, healthcare, and climate change. Meyers’ monologues have become a popular source of news and analysis for many viewers, particularly those who are critical of the current administration. One of Meyers’ most notable segments is his “A Closer Look” series, in which he delves into a particular topic or issue in depth. These segments are often highly critical of the Trump administration and have been praised for their incisive analysis and sharp wit.

Meyers’ ability to use humor to highlight serious issues has made him a popular figure among progressive audiences. However, Meyers’ political commentary has also drawn criticism from some viewers, particularly those who support President Trump. Some have accused Meyers of being biased and unfair in his coverage of the administration, while others have argued that he should stick to comedy rather than politics. Despite these criticisms, Meyers has continued to use his platform to speak out on issues that he believes are important. His willingness to take a stand on controversial topics has made him a polarizing figure in American entertainment, but it has also earned him a loyal following among those who share his views.


In conclusion, Seth Meyers’ political commentary has become a defining feature of his late-night show. While some viewers have criticized him for being biased, others have praised him for his incisive analysis and sharp wit. Regardless of one’s opinion of Meyers, it is clear that he has become an important voice in American entertainment and politics.

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